If you are a big fan of customized products then you should be happy to know that there are now various designer tools that can be used online such as the Magento product designer. These tools are now embedded in many service sites that online users can visit to satisfy their need to make something with their very own customized designs.

Many of these sites are able to give you the power to create whatever you want. This customizable feature is now a must in many businesses. For online business, these services can now be easily integrated onto a website. Here are some of the best options when it comes to custom products solutions.

– Treehouse Logic. If you are the type of online shopper who hates to wait and can only spend a few minutes online then this is the best option for you. The personalization can be done in a faster speed. It can be easily integrated into an e-commerce site and the maintenance is quite easy. Some of the best features are options for sharing through Facebook, Twitter and email, hover previews and recommendations.

– Doogma. Many of the current e-commerce systems can be integrated with this service. This helps the customer be more in control since they can customize their own orders depending on their preference. It can be used in various e-commerce solutions such as Magento, OS Commerce, Prestashop and many more. Many products can be ordered with customizations such as pens, shoes and clothes.

– Product Cart. If you have a small business then this solution provided by Early Impact is a good option for you. It is complete and already comes with a built-in product customizer. This will help small business to organize the items offered by the company so it can be easily accessed by customers. Many features are also included such as a quoting system, pricing options which can be adjusted as well as product details on each item.

– Fluid. If you are looking to customized products in a more cost effective and easy way then this solution is for you. It is compatible in almost all e-commerce platforms, manufacturing sites and analytic services. It has been used by many big companies as well.