Losing a loved one isn’t easy. This means that anyone who works in the funeral industry needs to take careful steps in dealing with their business, as any funeral director in Sydney or anywhere else can very much attest to. The funeral and memorial sites are of no exception. In fact, you should think of them less as mere websites, but online memorials for the duly departed.

So if you’re looking for ideas on how to make such a site, here’s some tips for you.

The value of media.

  • ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, as they say, and there is perhaps no better way of communicating the beauty of someone’s who’s passed on than with pictures and videos of them at their best. For the former, make sure they’re arranged neatly, with a theme, event or period connecting them, and for the latter, YouTube and its ilk can work wonders for your sites.

Honour their cause.

  • As any funeral director in Sydney or anywhere else can tell you, rief can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to continue on without the person you loved. But moving on means accepting they’re gone, and letting go of the pain of their loss. One good way of moving forward is to support a noble cause they themselves supported. Not only will you be honouring the memory of your loved one, you’ll also be doing something good for the world. Do this by putting ‘Donate’ button on your site and linking it to a proper PayPal account or the like.

Keep in touch.

  • As important as your loved one is to you, so are they important to someone else. No man is an island, and this means that your loved one had other loved one. Your site is a good way of getting in touch and staying in touch with them. Make it so your site accepts comments from social media, so that the people who cared about the duly departed, the ones that leave comments on their memorials, can get in touch with each other to reminisce, honour the departed, or help each other get past the grief.