Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

There’s a lot of content being put out in the internet. Every second. Combined with customers becoming more self-directed for the information that they want, competition to get customer’s attention has never been fiercer than ever.

Those sparkling King Kong SEO reviews are now more important than ever. But SEO has changed; striking the balance between user-centric content and attracting search engine crawls are hard, and there are a lot of common mistakes.

Here’s a few of them, so you can avoid them.

Optimizing around one keyword

In the earlier days of SEO, it was common to optimize web pages around a specific keyword that they wanted to be ranked for. Today, that’s not only a poor user experience, but it’s also ineffective, since search engines are better at figuring out search intent.

Think big; include a variety of topical, relevant and related search terms.

Ignoring dated content.

Don’t leave content untouched and updated for several years. That’s just ignoring opportunity; you need to regularly look for ways to put up dated, regular content, which keep your site relevant for searchers.

Keep your site update, keep an eye on the stuff that gets ignored, and figure out ways to update your old content in order to improve SEO.

Forgetting mobile

Regardless of your brand, a lot of your audience will be using a mobile device. That means you want to make sure that your content is mobile friendly, otherwise, user experience will be degraded.

To that end, you want to make sure that you’ve taken steps to make sure that your site and the stuff in it are good for mobile, and responsive.

Not optimizing for speed

Speed matters on the internet. Those King Kong SEO reviews, they’re good because they’re fast. Faster sites have better crawl rates and are better for user experience. Slow pages lose visitors; simple as that.

Site speed tools are useful for telling you how good your site speed, and take advantage of things like browser caching, minimizing JavaScript, as well as optimizing your images and other visual media.

Not having unique content

Simple enough, but some people forget this. Remember that search engines can figure out if you reuse stuff, so avoid duplicating stuff.

Don’t publish anything duplicate or similar to the site, like meta descriptions. If you want to get content, repurpose it; make it different, make it yours.