There was this meeting I attended with some guys from Perth Web Design. The encounter was interesting and insightful that is why I am sharing with you some of the ideas on this post. It would be rather difficult to list down everything that has been discussed and I thought it would be better to delve on the use of CGI and JavaScript in web design and development.

CGI for web design and development

CGI is used by web designers to create web documents that will depend on user interaction. Pages can be created specific to form input and pages can be generated based on a database of information. CGI scripts are used for behind the scenes interaction with web users because they can set and read cookies, tabulate information that includes browsers and operating systems and monitor web traffic. However, many of the functions of CGI are duplicated by JavaScript and ActiveX which are newer technologies. Many web designers make use of CGI because it allows readers to use the program with the exception of a few. Java, JavaScript and ActiveX are not supported by many browsers and it is very common for firewalls to disallow these technologies on their system. However, CGI has its drawbacks because they put a lot of load on the server. If the programs are poorly written they can fall into endless loops that will tie up the server’s processing time.

JavaScript for web design and development

JavaScript is different from Java because it is a scripting language written for web pages at the client side. Java is an object-oriented programming language that can be used for different functions. One of the benefits of JavaScript is the creation of dynamic web pages and special effects like rollover and graphics that could impress the user.

JavaScript has become better through the years and it is now being used worldwide because of its integration into web browsers. Microsoft has added the scripting technology on its own browser Internet Explorer. In fact, until JavaScript came along, there was no way for web pages to interpret reader’s reactions except through their interaction with the server.