The economic relationship between the US and Canada spans more than 140 years. The Canada-US border spans an approximate 8,900 kilometers or 5,525 miles of land and water and is serviced by 120 land border crossings and 23 international bridges. Millions of trucks cross the borders carrying billions of dollars’ worth of goods and services every day.

Employment in the transportation industry is significant to both countries because of the movement of goods. A number of industries depend on the movement of raw materials or the delivery of goods to the market. For example, in 2002, Canada and Michigan exchanged about $49 billion worth of automobiles, trucks, and vehicle parts for the vehicle manufacturing industry of both countries.

At New York’s border crossing, the major commodities include wood, metals, and manufactured goods. In the eastern Canadian provinces, priority exports to the US are forestry, agriculture, and fishery products. On the other hand, Vermont exports to Canada are tubes and semiconductors and New Hampshire’s exports are high-tech electronics. Before the coronavirus pandemic, cross-border tourism was also a significant part of the economies of both countries.

While security is a major focus of border operations, there are also a variety of issues that requires a balance between security and the efficient and safe movement of people and goods in the border crossing sites. Both the US and Canada are working together on issues that include operational procedures, manpower, technology, infrastructure, and the need for increased education.

Another issue that has been identified is the need for reliable information on traffic flows across the border as well as travel and delay time. Half of the truck trips across the border are bound to and from the states that are near the borders but the trucks only contain one-third of the value and tonnage. This creates a bigger issue for the states that are far from the borders.

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